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Master Inbound Marketing with Us

You know there must be a better way to realize your business goals. But you still haven't found a game plan that builds traffic, nurtures qualified leads, converts customers, keeps happy customers, impacts your bottom line.

Let's do this together. You just need the right mix of strategy, process, tools, systems, and partners.

The Game Changer


Don’t Stop at Traffic. Engage.

You’ve got them to your site. Make them want to stay. Start conversations with awesome content.


Strategize then Synergize

Speed up your progress by mapping out a solid strategy then put your tools in play with a calculated, coordinated campaign that leads to bigger and better results.


Initiate, Investigate, Improve

Smash your growth goals by consistently executing your strategy, examining your results, enhancing where needed

Our Services

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Your customer database and website are fundamental business assets needed to grow your business. Both serve as sources of truth: the CRM from your point of view and the CMS from the customer's. 

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Live events provide an unparalleled opportunity for genuine human interaction, making them a key driver of engagement. We take a data-driven approach to optimizing events to prepare for the next one. 

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Video continues to captivate audiences. Let's work together in maximizing your video investment.  Whether it's for a marketing campaign or for onboarding new hires, engage your viewers like never before.

Your Roadmap


Set your business goals, choose your metrics, know your buyer, craft your campaign.


Establish your online presence. Carve out space on the internet. Deliver exceptional brand experiences.


Don't stop now. Get better at growing. Expand your value. Plan, build, measure, improve. Repeat.

What Our Partners Say ...


"Working with Incognitus Events and Marketing Inc. was a delight! They helped us with our booth during the PAFT Convention and no-question our booth was a standout.

With their experience in organizing events and managing various clients from various industries, they were able to help us execute smoothly and with the least worries. Highly recommending Incognitus for not only are they an agency, but also a partner."

Pia Mari Fernandez
Assistant Marketing Manager, Kerry Philippines
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"Every event has its own challenges and when that happens, you want a partner agency that can rise up to the occasion. Incognitus has helped us make the 1st Flavour Genius Championship a success despite some minor "hiccups" along the way.

Our regional team from Asia flew in during the competition and they were very happy with how the event was handled and the way it was presented".

Marcus Manimtim
National Sales Manger - Brands, Kerry Philippines
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"IEMI is a friendly and dynamic team. Since 2014, we've had the opportunity to collaborate with them in organizing the Macquarie Charity Fun Run which benefit students from our CENTEX schools.

Working with IEMI is working with friends. This is a strength of the IEMI team. Through the years, we have established a friendship that allows our teams to work with a strong sense of community which  helps us achieve our common goals. Cheers and more power to IEMI!"

Mia Falcis
Associate Manager - Education, Ayala Foundation, Inc. of Company
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